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Updates - Heart Attack Guidance

Heart Attack Guidance
This now includes guidance for the first aider to bring the nearest AED to the scene as a precaution
• If you suspect heart attack:
• Sit the casualty down and make them comfortable.
• Do not allow them to walk around.
• Allow the casualty to take their own glyceryl tri-nitrate (G.T.N.) medication if they have it.
• Reassure the casualty.
• Remove any cause of stress or anxiety if possible.
• Bring the nearest AED to the scene as a precaution if available (only to use if the casualty becomes unconscious and is not breathing normally).
• If the casualty is not allergic to aspirin and older than 16, allowing them to chew an aspirin tablet slowly may help to limit the extent of damage to the heart
• NOTE: Aspirin reduces the clotting ability of the blood. Chewing the tablet makes it work faster. A 150mg or 300mg chewable or soluble aspirin is ideal.
• Monitor pulse and breathing.
• If the casualty becomes unconscious, this usually means the heart has stopped altogether!
• Be prepared to start CPR and use the AED if needed.
Call 999/112 for emergency help immediately if:
• You suspect a heart attack.
• The casualty has not been diagnosed as having angina.
• The symptoms are different, or worse than the casualty’s normal angina attacks.
• Angina pain is not relieved by the casualty’s medication and rest after 15 minutes.
• Angina pain has come on whilst the casualty is at rest or it has woken them from their sleep.
• You are in any doubt

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